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Trademark Attorney

Larsen Law Offices, LLC, a Denver, Colorado law firm, provides legal assistance to a diverse and dynamic array of business and corporate clients throughout the United States through effective, innovative, and practical approaches to individual business industries. Larsen Law™ represents companies from a variety of industries including healthcare, software, medical and technology – specializing in contracts for technology transfer, software licensing, systems agreements and more.

Denver Trademark Lawyer

Trademarks are a valuable company asset and should be protected as such. They distinguish your company from another and carry valuable customer recognition and goodwill along with them. Proper registration of your mark(s) as early as possible can eliminate numerous problems, and possibly costly litigation, in the future.

If you are in search of a Denver trademark attorney, Larsen Law™ can assist you with all of your trademark needs. Trademarks can be obtained on either a state or federal level, and are a valuable asset to your company. As a well-respected and proven Denver trademark lawyer, I provide the service you need to take care of your business in a timely manner. Contact my Colorado trademark law firm to schedule an initial consultation.

Assistance From a Skilled Logo Protection Attorney

Trademarks are intellectual property and can be bought and sold much as you would any other commodity. Generally speaking, a trademark is an identifier for the goods or services you offer in commerce. If your business has a logo or any type of identifying mark that you would like to see protected from use by others, a Denver trademark attorney from Larsen Law™ can assist you in protecting your company’s identity.

You may have been using a trademark for some time, and now find that someone else is using the same trademark. Typically, the person/company that began using the trademark first has the rights to it, but you may find that you need the guidance of an experienced intellectual property attorney to help clarify all of the information and background data. The area of trademarks is often complex and can even be confusing in some instances. Should you choose to register your trademark with your own state, it is possible that another party can register and use the trademark in a different state.

Federal registration is available in some instances involving interstate commerce. While all of this may seem confusing at first, I will help you understand the legalities of trademarks and explain your options to you.

Answering Your Difficult Trademark Questions

You may have many questions regarding trademarks. For example, do you have to federally register your chosen trademark to have rights to it? Can you use someone else’s trademark in your advertising? You may have received an office action informing you that your trademark is only descriptive, therefore not eligible for registration on the primary registry. All of it can get to the point that you just want to give up. As an experienced Denver trademark law firm, I am adept at wading through the mess and getting to the center of the matter.

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denver business attorney susan larsenI can tell you never to use DIY providers for trademarks, as this is an area that is much more complex than simply filling out a form online. Improperly done, you could find yourself facing legal consequences. Let me handle your trademark needs, and take the worry off of your shoulders. Contact my Denver trademark law firm at (303) 520-6030 to learn more about what I can do for you.