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Attorney Susan Larsen provides legal assistance to companies in Colorado and across the nation for tech transfer, licensing, and other business contracts.

Technology Transfer Lawyer

The transfer of technology between parties can mean many different things in today’s business environment.  One constant in this ever-changing environment is documentation detailing the transfer.  Susan Larsen is a Denver area business attorney, with a focus in tech law and technology transfer.  She has worked with companies around the country specializing in software, healthcare and other industries.

Technology transfer in the United States takes place primarily via licensing agreements, however, sometimes joint ventures or partnerships are created to further explore the possibilities of, or potentially further development of, the technology. Technology Transfer generally applies to early-stage technologies, those that may require further research and development before being used in a commercial environment.

Why Do I Need a Tech Transfer Lawyer?

Many times, a company with a core competency in technology may need the additional input and feedback from a company with a core competency in an alternate field to be able to complete and finalize the technology created.  An example of this may be medical scheduling software, where the software developer needs input and feedback from a physician’s office or hospital to be able to accurately complete the software, and bring it to market, in a meaningful way.  Once finalized, the software could be a stand-alone product or perhaps an add-on module to an existing product or product line.

The contract terms within a Tech Transfer agreement may include such items as limiting, or expanding, specific applications of the technology, payments of royalties or fees, documentation of various reporting factors, determining the applicability of the technology in the marketplace, how to best commercialize the technology, determining the proper intellectual property protection, who has the responsibility for proper filings or registrations pertaining to the technology, and who is responsible for other compliance-related requirements.

Should you need assistance with agreements relating to Technology Transfer, contact Larsen Law Larsen Law, LLC at 303.520.6030.  Attorney Susan Larsen brings a vast experience helping companies both in Colorado and across the nation get the proper legal assistance they need when it comes to transfer of technology, licensing, and many other business contracts.