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Larsen Law Offices, LLC assists both companies and individuals in reaching their business goals. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence, or an on-going matter, an experienced attorney from Larsen Law can assist you with your legal needs.

Software Licensing Agreement Attorney

software licensing agreementsI have many years of experience as a software licensing attorney and I am able to assist you with establishing contractual processes and procedures, negotiating, planning future version releases and expansions, as well as provide for any future software modules or market releases that may be developed. All of these are important aspects of software law to consider. I can also assist you with planning and executing future, additional sales channels, if that is in your business plans.

Software licensing can encompass many different forms today. A trained software licensing attorney can help ensure that your software assets are protected in the marketplace. At Larsen Law™, I am experienced with all types of agreements and capable of assisting you with all of your software licensing needs including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Cloud and other contracts. Contact my firm today to talk about software licensing agreements. I am happy to work with companies around the country to help ensure their protection regarding their software.

Legal Assistance With Your Software Contract Needs

I can help you with a variety of system software licensing agreements, including:

  • End-user agreements
  • VAR (value-added reseller) agreements
  • Designer agreements
  • Evaluation agreements
  • Shrink-wrap agreements
  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreements
  • Source code escrow agreements
  • Source code license agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Extended service contracts
  • Master/subcontractor service agreements
  • Agreements for Cloud
  • Agreements for Infrastructure as a Service
  • Agreements for Platform as a Service

Thorough Evaluations of Your Agreements

Whether you are creating a software licensing agreement for the first time, or have a previous agreement that may need updating, a knowledgeable and experienced software lawyer can assist you with that process.

Larsen Law™ offers dedication and the ability to protect your business in every aspect related to intellectual property. Contact my software licensing law firm at (303) 520-6030 to learn more about how I can help you.