A developer agreement should contain certain clauses.

A developer agreement can come in different forms and can cover different types of technology development.

One example of a developer agreement is for software development. Under a software development agreement, you can hire someone else to code for you. For example, companies use developer agreements when shorthanded or to sample someone’s skillset prior to hiring. Another example is an individual with a new software idea who wants to bring that idea to market. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative people who know how to code, waiting to be matched with a great idea.  Similarly, two separate companies may need a joint developer agreement to bring their final product to fruition. I can draft agreements for each of these instances.

A second example is a website developer agreement. Susan Larsen, in Denver, Colorado, has experience on both sides of website builds. I draft website agreements to be mutually beneficial and protective, enabling both parties to receive the benefit of the bargain. Most importantly, structuring the transaction from the ground up, the developer agreement can contain disagreements, leaving solutions to remain fluid. As a result, the agreement is designed to eliminate the potential for “all or nothing” outcomes. Focusing on only one issue at a time leads to a more productive examination of solutions acceptable to both parties.

Problem Solving

I also draft developer agreements for specific software, typically designed to solve one specific problem. Clients have experienced incompatibility issues with other running systems, bringing operations to a halt. First preference is usually revising the purchase documents to allow for additional software, or modules, to be provided. This software development can be created by one of the software companies involved or sourced to a third party. As a recent example, I drafted an agreement for the creation of “bridge” software. This “bridge” allowed two separate systems to share the requisite information, allowing the casino to resume operations.


With any developer agreement, who owns the resulting intellectual property is usually highly contested. This should be one of the very first things the parties discuss and agree on. After fundamentals have been decided, I draft developer agreements to document other elements essential for a smooth production. As one example, who is responsible for any additional costs, detail the applicable time frames, and other specifics. I bring years of experience in this area to the table. I can always identify several additional considerations to be taken into account to any transaction. Negotiations from the onset should include estimated market value, if any, of the bridge or module, among other things.

For all your developer agreement needs, I can help. I can provide questions to ask potential vendors and alternate solutions to consider. Please contact Susan Larsen to discuss.