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Computer Law

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Computer Law

Colorado Business Law Attorney Susan J. Larsen

There are many different items that could fall under the general category of Computer Law today.  Technology Service Agreements, Software Licensing Agreements, cloud computing agreements, licensing agreements, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can come into consideration under this category.  One example is the downloading of material and programs from the Internet by employees.  Many employees, or Independent Contractors, don’t think twice about downloading their favorite Instant Messaging software to their company-issued computer or laptop.

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A Computer Law attorney can assist you in drafting personnel policies to assist your company in establishing parameters for the use of company equipment.  Some of the material downloaded by your employees and contractors may be protected under Copyright laws and therefore should not be downloaded without express permission by the owner of the work.  Some of the programs or files downloaded from the internet can interfere with the company’s software functionality or the individual’s computer functions. These practices can increase liability exposure for companies and increase operating costs merely through down time. Companies should consider having a written policy that expressly addresses these situations and the related repercussions to the employees for violating that policy.

Other considerations under Computer Law are the protection of your company’s assets and proprietary information, internet piracy, privacy, “work for hire” items, software licenses, issues with email and email accounts, information stored on computers and servers, all forms of intellectual property, including Copyrights and Trademarks, e-commerce, contracts, and the Services Agreements that cover your equipment.  Unknowing, or unhappy, employees may email out company documents that violate SEC rules.  A Computer Law attorney from Larsen Law Offices, LLC will be able to help you protect your company and its assets.

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denver business attorney susan larsenI have over 30 years of business law experience and have been a licensed Colorado attorney since 2002. I serve the greater Denver business community with legal issues including contracts, business law, trademarks, copyrights, and internet law. Whether your Colorado business is just getting started, or has been established for many years, reach out to my law firm today to talk about your legal issues and concerns. I can be reached at (303) 520-6030.