Susan J. Larsen is the author, or creator, of the following copyrighted works:

“Copyrights and the Lack of Derivative Works”.

This work is used as teaching material by the University of Denver, College of Law. This work has also been used as the authority for History Colorado (also known as the Colorado Historical Society) to teach their employees, and visitors, about copyright law. Visitors touring History Colorado are informed that Susan Larsen is their resident expert on this topic.

“Employee Handbook and Management Tips”.

This work is used by the University of Denver as a teaching aid for graduate students. This work has also been used by various clients in identifying, and establishing, a more unified corporate stance when addressing their Employee Handbooks and Employee Manuals.

“Orthopedic Pain Wheel Chart”.

This work is used by orthopedic surgeons to assist their patients in identifying, recording, and tracking patient joint pain, whether the pain be stationary or fluid, to ultimately assist the physician in identifying the pain source(s), to be addressed, where and when possible.