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Trademark Attorney

Susan Larsen Education

  • University of Denver, College of Law, J.D., law
  • University of Denver, M.A.S., Technology management
  • University of Denver, M.P.S., Applied Communication
  • University of Denver, B.S., Accounting

Larsen Law Offices, LLC

Larsen Law Offices, LLC

Perform outside General Counsel services such as building lease matters, investor relationship management, handled purchase and sale of business between partners, handle original art matters, employee disputes, company Trademarks, corporate compliance, draft distributor agreements, draft employee handbook

Larsen Law Offices, LLC
Larsen Law Offices, LLC
Larsen Law Offices, LLC
Larsen Law Offices, LLC
Larsen Law Offices, LLC

Advertising Association

Drafted Articles and Bylaws.

Alcohol Beverage Mix Company

General business matters as they arise.

Automobile Dealership

Real property matters, drafted employee policies, handled consumer disputes, drafted give-away releases, examined manufacturer matters.

Book Author

Handled copyright and use of name and likeness matters.

Cellular Phone Corporation

Negotiated and drafted reseller and end-user agreements.

Certified Public Accountant Corporation

Review and advise regarding proposed sale documents.

Clothing Manufacturer

Perform outside General Counsel services such as building lease matters, investor relationship management, handled purchase and sale of business between partners, handle original art matters, employee disputes, company Trademarks, corporate compliance, draft distributor agreements, draft employee handbook.

Construction Company

Drafted services agreements.

Consulting Company

Negotiate service agreements, assist with corporate compliance.

Day Care Company

All phases of set-up, preparation of state-required documentation, client care agreements, ensured state requirements were met, negotiated with same, drafted policies.

Electrical Services Company

Handled negotiations for, and drafted Settlement Agreement pertaining to, owners separation, recovered payments made to web development company.

Employment Company

Shut down pirated website.

Gift Store

Handled dissolution of entity, exit negotiations between owners.

Gold Company

Drafted changes to building leases, researched gold buying in Colorado, drafted independent contractor consulting agreement.

Graphics Company

Negotiated and drafted contracts.

Health Spa Franchise

Negotiate exit package for franchise owner.

Home-Care Company

Draft caregiver manual, draft service contract, draft policy and procedures manual.

Interior Design Company

Initial set-up, sales and services policies, collection matters.

Internet Corporation

Sales agreement negotiation, general corporate matters.


Review/revise/draft: landlord-tenant agreements, buy-sell agreements, advise regarding various investment vehicles.

Lighting Company

Drafted software licensing agreement, reviewed and revised webpages and training procedures.

Magazine Owner

Drafted advertising agreements, general corporate matters, collection matters.

Medical/Health/Hospital System

Review/revise/negotiate: Pharmacy Agreements; office leases; Payer Agreements; Software Agreements, Systems Agreements; Consulting Agreements; construction agreements; Human Resource Consulting Agreements; Professional Licensure Verification Agreements; Investment Services Agreements; Banking Agreements; Speaking Agreements; investigate and resolve municipal tax matters.

Metal Company

Handled all phases of intellectual property recovery, including website, tradename, client list, content.

Mortgage Company

Drafted independent contractor agreements, negotiated business office space and equipment leases, drafted employee dress code, drafted employee procedures.

Pet Care Corporation

Serve as outside General Counsel, Trademarks, draft website language and disclosures, assist in managing profits, costs, and product pricing, negotiate vendor agreements.


Entity formation; review and advise regarding consulting agreements.

Radio Stations

Handle all phases of purchase and sale of radio stations, examine streaming agreements, review customer advertising agreements.


Handled site purchase.

Restaurant Chain

Review and revise buy/sell agreements; resolve employee matters; draft lease agreement; resolve disputes with land lessor.

Roofing Company

Draft sales agreements for customers, building lease review and negotiation, customer problem resolution, file liens, general business.

Security Company

Negotiated contracts with state governments, reviewed RFPs, drafted sales agreements.

Security Company

Assisted franchisee with compliance matters, held Board meetings, assisted with operations as needed.

Security Company

Draft website disclosures.

Security Corporation

Draft contracts, examine liability issues, negotiate with state and local governments, Trademarks, establish subsidiaries, negotiate and draft equipment, sales, and services contracts.

Software Company

Contract review, negotiated return of software.

Software Company

Drafted software licensing agreements, VAR agreement, website language.

Software Company

Negotiated and drafted return of company IP.

Software Company

Assisted with return of software idea and source code to rightful owners.

Software Company

Drafted sale of source code agreement.

Software Company

Applied for Section 8(a) certification.

Software Company

Negotiated building lease, assisted with employee disputes.

Software Consulting Company

Draft Master Services Agreement, handle shareholder matters, review agreements as they are presented, revise same to obtain more favorable terms for Company.

Software Licensing Corporation

Draft software licensing agreements, draft modular sales agreements, negotiate with state and local government, resellers, wholesalers, prepare Requests for Quote, analyze bids, handle employee matters.

Software Licensing Corporation

Draft Manufacturer Reseller Agreement; resolve office lease disputes; general business matters, as needed.

Software Licensing Corporation

Draft employee agreements, employee policies.

Software Training Company

Drafted sales contracts, reviewed and revised Request for Quotation responses.

800 Phone Number Company

Drafted licensing agreements.


Employee/Employer Disputes

Employee Exit Transition Packages.

Entity Formation


Website Development

Drafted Agreements.


Dispute with roofing company.


Dispute with HOA.


Removal of inferior home siding, restoration of home.


Homeowner’s Association dispute resolution.

Personal Trainers

Independent contractor agreements.


Dispute with employer.


Negotiated exit packages.


Negotiated dispute with business partners.


Negotiated terms of use with research facility.


Corporate Compliance.

Shareholder Dispute

Negotiated settlement.

Trademark Applications


Experience Matters

denver business attorney susan larsenI have over 30 years of business law experience and have been a licensed Colorado attorney since 2002. I serve the greater Denver business community with legal issues including contracts, business law, trademarks, copyrights, and internet law. Whether your Colorado business is just getting started, or has been established for many years, reach out to my law firm today to talk about your legal issues and concerns. I can be reached at (303) 520-6030.