Basics of SAAS (software as a service) agreements
If your organization has several different locations, divisions, or entities under one umbrella, you may benefit from establishing system agreements with vendors for goods and services common to all. System agreements enable the organization to bargain, negotiate, and contract as one collective, rather than as individual, separate entities, allowing for better vendor relations, volume pricing benefits, better customer service, and a wide variety of other enhancements that individual vendors may have to offer, depending on the industry and the vendor in question.

Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise agreements can also be referred to as volume licensing. For larger organizations, with a certain amount of normal attrition, an enterprise agreement may save your organization time and money. An EA is an agreement made at the organizational level, for a specified term, which enables the organization to enjoy a certain amount of flexibility regarding users. Many larger organizations enjoy direct and indirect cost savings from EAs through a volume license and the ability to add additional services under one umbrella. Enterprise agreements usually provide excellent technical support, short response times, employee training, and up-to-the-minute product updates, price discounts, ease of migration, and other added benefits.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) may also be referred to as subscription software or as software-on-demand, where software is provided over the Internet, as opposed to traditional means of downloading the software onto a local CPU or server. SaaS has many advantages, and a few disadvantages, all of which should be carefully weighed before deciding how to release a product offering. Some of the advantages of SaaS are the ability to receive fixes, updates, product enhancements, and sometimes additional features, seamlessly and without workplace interruptions. SaaS licensees also typically enjoy excellent customer service and reliable technical support.

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