Healthcare Contracts

Healthcare contracts can encompass a wide variety of personnel agreements, including agreements with physicians, physical therapists, nurses, and a host of specialty providers.  Establishing mutually beneficial contracts with educational institutions can provide interns now and pipeline personnel for future needs. Most noted physicians field numerous requests for speaking engagements and lecturing opportunities on an on-going basis.

Healthcare facilities may be leased or purchased outright, depending on a number of financial and tax considerations, and occasionally, on the intended occupants of the facility.  Some facilities exist solely to lease to medical practices, independent physicians, or other health care providers, such as dentists, ophthalmologists, pharmacies, or medical device providers. Facilities contracts can include an exchange of services, adjunct care, provision of services, and in more rural areas, use of technology or computer systems for diagnostic, treatment, or storage of healthcare records and images.

Healthcare systems and physician practices may also benefit from a fresh renegotiation of their agreements with pharmacies, insurance companies, payers, licensure verification providers, sharps and other supplies, patient care agreements with governments, national research companies, consulting, and multiple types of equipment purchases, leases, or combinations thereof. Contrary to popular opinion, there are very few healthcare contracts that are non-negotiable and many vendors appreciate suggestions and improvements to their templates.

All medical practices, regardless of size, utilize various forms of medical technology. For assistance with your healthcare technology needs, and to see what an experienced attorney can do for you, please visit here.

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