Healthcare Attorney

Healthcare is one of the most regulated sectors of the American economy and it is one of the fastest growing areas of technology. In addition, Americans are living longer lives than ever before. Each of these factors drives an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Over time, healthcare facility needs evolve. Neighborhoods change, requiring local healthcare systems respond to those growing or altering market needs. Healthcare systems may need to purchase additional care facilities to cover an increase in local population. Occasionally, a facility needs to alter the healthcare services offered to meet the needs of an aging local population or a local neighborhood rejuvenation.

At other times, healthcare systems may elect to dissolve certain relationships, occasionally divesting itself of entire facilities or subsystems.

An experienced healthcare law attorney can assist you in meeting the changes these market factors drive to your facilities, making adjustments to the medical technology contracts in place, adding or removing users from enterprise agreements, negotiating and drafting changes in medical equipment and supply needs, merging multiple facility agreements with a vendor under one blanket agreement while terminating the remainders, and a host of other considerations. In both new and longstanding medical facilities, changes to utilize the latest effective healthcare technology the market has to offer is a must.

During each of these events, Susan Larsen, based in Denver, Colorado, an experienced healthcare law attorney, and a business lawyer, can assist with your healthcare legal needs and work in tandem with internal departments relevant to the contracting process, including risk management, in-house counsel, department heads and medical directors. Susan can assist you with due diligence, contract revisions, assignments, and terminations, and a wide variety of other matters to help ease healthcare facility transitions.