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Denver Software Licensing Attorney

It is understandable that software licensing is an area that is vague to most people. In order to protect your business, a Denver software licensing attorney can ensure that all of the details are taken care of so that it doesn’t cost you in the long run. At Larsen Law Offices LLC™, we are experienced with all types of agreements and capable of assisting you with all of your software licensing needs.

Our Denver software licensing lawyers know that most people tend to “skip over” those software licensing screens in order to move quickly to the installation of a program. This is not a good idea, as most have restrictions on just what can be done with the software. When there are any concerns or questions about the legal use of software, a Denver software licensing attorney can make certain that everything is being done correctly.

For clients who are developing their own software license agreements, it is essential that a knowledgeable Denver software licensing lawyer assist in the process, as you want to make certain that the product is evaluated thoroughly and that all documents are properly prepared. At Larsen Law we have extensive experience and knowledge in drafting consolidated, stand-alone and hosted agreements. Our Denver software licensing attorneys realize that software licensing encompasses a vast array of agreements from designer and shrink-wrap agreements to VAR (value-added reseller) and source code licensing and escrow agreements. A skilled Denver software licensing attorney with in-depth knowledge pertaining to software licensing is able to not only look out for intellectual property implications, but help your business identify and negotiate the conditions and terms of software licensing agreements.

There are many questions to be answered when it comes to software licensing. What should the software perform, and what is its useful life? Does the license cover all of the needs of your business? Today, the need for software continues to grow at a rapid pace; most businesses and companies need some type of software in their operations. As a seasoned Denver software licensing lawyer firm, we have many years of experience and are capable of negotiating, planning for future expansion and updating future versions so that your license remains current.

Any given software program may also contain embedded third-party software. Proper compliance with third-party license rights, compliance with user seats restrictions, compliance with all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) rights is a must for any business, as the costs of non-compliance can be severe. Ensure you are in full compliance with all of the software licensing that affects your business by consulting an experienced software licensing attorney with Larsen Law™.

Businesses spend a significant amount of energy, time and resources in the development of a software product; you need legal counsel to protect your intellectual property rights, and to ensure that your licenses are properly formed and negotiated. Larsen Law™ offers Denver software licensing lawyers who are dedicated to protecting your business in every aspect related to intellectual property.