Draft Physician Employment Agreements

Larsen Law Offices, LLC provides business and contract law services that assist both companies and individuals in reaching their business goals. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence or an on-going matter, an experienced attorney from Larsen Law can assist you with your legal needs in areas including tech, software licensing and standardized contracts drafting and negotiation.

Attorney For Standardized Contracts

Many smaller businesses start off utilizing other company’s contracts, either because they have no contracts of their own to use or because the other party is perceived as having greater bargaining power. Eventually, most companies benefit from using their own contracts, drafted by a skilled contracts lawyer, to be most favorable to their position and for use in their daily operations. The utilization of this type of standardized contracts, sometimes called a contract template, can help eliminate future problems for the business and in some instances can lower a variety of costs for the entity. As an experienced, highly dedicated business attorney, Susan Larsen possesses both the business background and the legal expertise necessary to help businesses create advantages in their standardized contracts.  Using your own contracts, with terms and conditions directly and correctly reflecting your company’s business practices and policies, as well as a fair allocation of risks and costs, will not only benefit your company, but can help prevent future conflicts with your suppliers, clients, and others with whom you do business.

At Larsen Law Offices, Denver, Colorado, Susan Larsen has many years of experience as a contract attorney and in business, with a background in accounting, technology, and communications. She is dedicated to helping clients focus on their business, by helping them to effectively utilize contracts that will help the company run as smoothly as possible. Depending on the nature of your business, there are several different types of standardized contracts that may apply or Susan can create one specifically to meet your individual needs. Contact Larsen Law Offices to talk more about technology contracts, sales contracts, and standardizing your contracts.

Contracts With Service Providers                                                     

A properly drafted standardized contract for use with service providers can help bridge the gaps between entities.  Different companies you work with regularly may have alternate payment terms, invoicing procedures, hours of availability, or other working differences that may mandate changes in how you do business with them. A standardized services agreement, drafted by a business attorney who understands your business operations, can help align all of your various service providers in tandem, often improving cash flow issues.

Contracts With Customers

Many businesses benefit from utilizing a standardized contract with all of their customers.  By setting a uniform process, businesses can help manage production requirements, customer delivery expectations, prompt payment procedures, regulate cash flow, and a host of other factors that affect the business.

Experience Matters

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your business, an experienced contract lawyer can help you.  At Larsen Law Offices, our customer’s success is our primary goal.  To discuss your company’s contract needs, please contact Larsen Law Offices in Denver, Colorado, today at (303) 520-6030 for more information and to speak with an attorney. We provide legal support in business law, contract law, technology law, software law, and many other areas, to companies around the country.


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