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Business Attorney Susan J. Larsen

Contracts Attorney

Larsen Law Offices, LLC assists companies in reaching their business goals through effective legal services. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence, or an on-going matter, experienced attorney Susan Larsen can assist you with your legal needs regarding a variety of transactions and agreements to protect your business and help it flourish.

Contracts Attorney in Denver, CO

Contracts lawyer at work in Denver, COAs a skilled contracts attorney at Larsen Law™, I provide contract law services for clients who have new or existing businesses in the Denver area. New businesses may need to establish general terms and conditions under which they conduct business with their customers, while leaving the individual aspects of those transactions more fluid from customer to customer. Existing businesses may need to update their existing agreements to account for changes in the legal arena, customer push-back, insurer requirements regarding indemnification, and other items.

Over the life of a business, one should also anticipate updating relationships with others in response to market conditions and trends to enable the written word to help facilitate business, rather than prevent it with needless restrictions that do not ultimately benefit either party. I have the knowledge and experience to help you with any of your contract law needs. Contact my business law firm in Denver, Colorado for contract drafting, review, and negotiation, or to set up an initial consultation today.

Experienced in All Areas of Contract Law in Colorado

Larsen Law is dedicated to focusing its energy on helping businesses with contracts and other agreements, including:

Contract negotiations, terminations, and business contract law support are just a few of the areas in which I have worked for many years. An experienced contract lawyer can help you navigate contract law by helping you understand not only the stated terms and conditions, but what they actually mean under contract law and how they may affect you and your business.

At its core, a contract simply memorializes the details as to how two entities will conduct business together. Ideally, careful advance consideration of all phases of the transaction, including delivery, invoicing, payment, how errors will be addressed, and a host of other items, can save both parties over time and help ensure a smooth working relationship through completion.

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denver contract attorney susan larsenWhen reviewing and revising any contract, my background in business law, accounting, technology, and communications is always present enabling me to approach each contract from a broader perspective.  Should you need an experienced Denver, Colorado contract lawyer, please contact my firm at (303) 520-6030 for assistance.