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Larsen Law Offices, LLC assists companies in reaching their business goals through effective and pragmatic legal services. Susan Larsen’s multi-disciplinary background brings a fuller, more in-depth approach to contract interpretation and drafting, assisting you in reaching your business goals.

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With degrees in law, accounting, technology, and communications, Susan Larsen a multifaceted perspective to every business contract.  She has over 30 years of contracting experience, crossing over many industries, with a heavy focus in technology and software.

Experienced Contracts Lawyer

Susan Larsen’s experience with reviewing, revising, negotiating and finalizing standard and non-standard commercial contracts includes such items as: software licensing, end user, evaluation, SaaS, system agreements, subscription, co-development, distributor, standardized, cloud data storage, sales, OEM, equipment, reseller, sales, master services agreements and related scopes of work, including all supporting documentation including any related flow up/down documentation, and consulting and professional services agreements, among many other types of agreements.  Susan Larsen also provides in depth review of RFQ/RFP and drafting responses thereto.

Larsen Law has many years’ experience reviewing, negotiating, and drafting both standard and non-standard commercial contracts, interpreting and drafting terms and conditions, and advising internal stakeholders with pragmatic advice regarding the underlying business transaction.

Any business contract should facilitate the parties working well together for an extended period of time. If you have business contracts that are not helping your business, or even harming your

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When reviewing and revising any contract, Susan Larsen’s multidisciplinary background in law, accounting, technology, and communications is always present enabling her to approach each contract from a variety of alternate approaches.  Should you need an experienced contract lawyer, with a pragmatic, cost-effective approach, please contact Susan Larsen at (303) 520-6030 for assistance.