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Business Attorney Susan J. Larsen

Susan Larsen Education

  • University of Denver, College of Law, J.D., law
  • University of Denver, M.A.S., Technology management
  • University of Denver, M.P.S., Applied Communication
  • University of Denver, B.S., Accounting

Larsen Law Offices, LLC

Through effective contract drafting and legal counsel, Larsen Law Offices, LLC in Denver assists both companies and individuals in reaching their business goals. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence, or an on-going matter, experienced attorney Susan Larsen will assist you with your all your contract law needs. Susan serves businesses in Colorado and nationwide.

Contracts Lawyer Serving Denver, CO


An agreement being made by contracts lawyers in Denver, CO

Every company will need to carefully review and assess all aspects of business contracts throughout the life of the business, as technological, business, and market conditions change over time. Contracts document the parameters of the relationship between businesses and their clients and business partners. Given the importance of contracts, it is essential to have an experienced business attorney assist with contract negotiation, drafting, and review.

As an experienced contracts lawyer, Susan Larsen will help you identify imbalances, potential future problems, ascertain the risks involved, and allow you to balance the costs and benefits of the proposed contract from an informed perspective. Susan has worked with countless business owners in Denver, as well as nationwide, to ensure their businesses are properly protected.

Often, an experienced contract review attorney who writes contracts on a daily basis has many alternate possibilities for any given contract, or clause therein, and can think of alternate ways to state more favorable client outcomes while reading the proposed contract language. During the initial read-through, a business owner benefits from having a contracts law attorney to spot potential pitfalls, areas for further discussion, and items that typically fall outside of industry standards, where someone not quite as familiar or experienced may simply read the clauses without fully knowing the market, risk, or other business implications just from the stated word.

Similarly, an attorney skilled in contract negotiation can assist by suggesting and drafting alternate language and phrases that may not have been considered before. With over 30 years’ experience in contract law, Susan discusses contract terms and conditions with clients, and other attorneys, every day. Many different companies and clients come to contracts from their particular viewpoint, which has the effect of creating a centralized data center in an experienced contract attorney consisting of industry standards, insurance preferences, alternate ways to approach any given concern, as well as providing a broader variety of resolutions for troublesome areas.

If you would like to find out more about how a contracts attorney can add value to your business through proper contract negotiation, drafting and review, please call Susan Larsen at (303) 520-6030. Located in Denver Colorado, Susan works with businesses locally, as well as businesses around the country in a variety of industries including software, healthcare, and many more.