Effective End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)
Contracts, by design, are meant to be documents that both parties can live with for a period of time, and ideally, thrive under. In most cases, one of the first words even stated is the word “Agreement,” representing what the parties agreed upon at that point in time.

Over time, relationships, bargaining power, business needs, competitors, alternate opportunities, newer technologies emerge, and existing contracts between parties might be best served with a contract modification, amendment, or termination.

If your business contracts are no longer working for you, you might want to consider what options you may have under that agreement that might allow for contract modification, amendment, or termination. Not all contracts allow for all changes and not all contracts allow for early termination. An experienced contracts attorney can assess what options you may have and suggest available opportunities that may exist under your current contractual obligations.

Many industries are faced with few options in providers for the goods and services they require. Some emerging technologies are sole-source providers. In these instances, changes to existing agreements may be quite limited and terminations may be prohibited in the current contract. In some cases, the lack of other providers in the space may cause acquiesce to existing provisions unnecessarily. Should your business agreement no longer be working for you, or even currently working against you, you may want to explore what contract modifications, amendments, and terminations may be made. When considering alternate options available to you, Susan Larsen can put a strong emphasis on preserving the relationship between the parties, when requested, so they may continue to interact in a positive, professional business relationship in future agreements.

Susan Larsen

Susan Larsen

With degrees in law, accounting, technology, and communications, Susan Larsen provides a multifaceted perspective to every business contract.  With over 30 years of contracting experience in Denver, CO, crossing over many industries, she has the ability to interpret contracts quickly, effectively, and pragmatically to identify any opportunity for your desired contract modification, amendment, or termination.

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