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Susan Larsen has over 30 years of contracting experience.  As a skilled contracts attorney in Denver, CO, she provides contract law services for technology, business and medical industry clients.

New businesses may need to establish general terms and conditions under which they conduct business with their customers, while leaving the individual aspects of those ransactions more fluid from customer to customer. Existing businesses may need to update their existing agreements to account for changes in technology, relationships, new providers of goods or services, customer push-back, and a vast array of
other considerations.

Contracts Attorney – Experienced in All Areas of Contract Law

At its core, a contract simply memorializes the details as to how two entities will conduct business together. Ideally, careful advance consideration of all phases of the transaction, including delivery, invoicing, payment, how errors will be addressed, and a host of other items, can save both parties over time and help ensure a smooth working relationship through completion.

Susan Larsen’s experience with reviewing, revising, negotiating and finalizing standard and non-standard commercial contracts includes such items as: software licensing, end user, evaluation, SaaS, system agreements, subscription, co-development, distributor, standardized, cloud data storage, sales, OEM, equipment, reseller, sales, master services agreements and related scopes of work, including all supporting documentation including any related flow up/down documentation, and consulting and professional services agreements, among many other types of agreements.  Susan Larsen also provides in depth review of RFQ/RFP and drafting responses thereto

Standardized Contracts/Contract Template Creation

The benefits standardized contracts can bring to your business are extensive and can extend through every department in the sales chain through accounts receivable. They can streamline processes, minimize misunderstandings, manage expectations, and deliver both internal and external cost savings.

Contract Changes

Instead of a completely new contract, some contracts may simply need alterations from time to time to continue to benefit both parties. Susan Larsen has a vast amount of experience negotiating adjustments to existing contracts, to adjust terms, settle disputes, reflect additional product offerings, incorporate new technology, increase or decrease contractual requirements, or to document changing business needs or expectations, while maintaining, where and when requested, the relationship between the parties on favorable terms. Many times all that is needed is a carefully considered and drafted Addendum, Amendment, or other documentation of the needed changes.

Contracts Audit

Many times, as companies grow, they find that certain contractual provisions they were obligated to make when first starting out are quite disparate to their current contracting guidelines.  Or, merely during the normal course of business, accentuated by employee transitions and attrition, corporations may not be aware of all current contractual obligations.  One solution to both of these issues is an audit of current, open agreements, identifying risk or exposure from non-standard provisions made at an earlier time by an experienced contracts attorney.

Contact Larsen Law for Your Contract Needs

When reviewing and revising any contract, Susan Larsen’s background in business law, accounting, technology, and communications is always present, enabling her to approach each contract from a multifaceted perspective.  Should you need an experienced, pragmatic, contracts attorney to help you navigate contract law and help you understand not only the stated terms and conditions, but what they may mean to you and your business, please contact Susan Larsen at (303) 520-6030 for assistance.

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