Hiring the right licensing agreement attorney

An experienced transaction attorney can play a critical role in virtually any business transaction, bringing experience in not only the law, but also the economics of business, to help maximize the client’s gains from the transaction. Transaction attorneys must understand the business, financial, and personnel aspects of every transaction to be able to draft workable contracts, conduct due diligence, and counsel clients on various issues that arise as a part of the transaction, whether they are overtly stated, or not, and provide assistance in helping to avoid problem areas or potential pitfalls.

Susan assists businesses with negotiating, drafting, and administration of buying and selling businesses, goods, or services, transfer of intellectual property, leases, licenses, written policies and procedures, contracts of all types, and any type of transaction or series of transactions that impact the internal workings, and profitability therefrom, a business.

For those interested in assistance with an asset purchase agreement or a stock sale agreement, Susan can assist you with all phases of the transaction from conception through documentation. Adding correct, verifiable information to the decision making process, as well as representations and warranties to both past and future aspects of the transaction, including any necessary ancillary documentation, are additional ways an experienced attorney can add value to your business deals.

To find out how a transaction attorney might benefit your business transaction, contact Larsen Law at (303) 520-6030. Located in the Denver area, Susan Larsen has assisted companies in Colorado and throughout the country with various areas of business law transactions, contracts, and agreements.