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Service Agreements

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There are many things that could be described in the broadly-used Service Agreements category.  A Service Agreement can be used in almost any instance in which you need to use someone else’s services.  Items such as electronic subscriptions, personal services, repair and/or warranty services, and independent contractor agreements are examples of Service Agreements many businesses need.

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A Service Agreement is a negotiated agreement under which the service provider agrees to perform specific tasks for a set price, at certain times, and to pre-set criteria.  You may need a Service Agreement for anything from equipment maintenance, software problem resolution services, web services, personal care givers, catering services, cleaning services, photography, special events, or almost any other circumstance where you require the services of another individual or company.  Your company could benefit from having a Master Services Agreement drafted, under which your company could request individualized projects, all covered by the pre-negotiated terms and conditions of the Master Services Agreement.

A Contract Law Attorney from Larsen Law can carefully negotiate and draft a Services Agreement to your needs, including what the services will entail, the quality of the services to be rendered, when they will be performed, what to do in the event of an emergency, how changes to the services will be performed and documented, and how the Services Agreement may be terminated.  Services Agreements should also include proper safety precautions, the monitoring of results, billing, scheduling, and any possible “work for hire” considerations that may apply, and ownership of the service provider’s work product, if applicable.

If you are unclear as to whether or not the services you require should be covered by a signed Services Agreement, please call Larsen Law to discuss the type of arrangement you are considering and what form of documentation may best suit your needs.

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