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Sales Contracts

Larsen Law Offices, LLC assists both companies and individuals in reaching their business goals. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence, or an on-going matter, an experienced attorney from Larsen Law can assist you with your legal needs.

Denver Sales Contracts Attorney

Properly drafted sales contracts allow companies to transact business under terms and conditions favorable to their business, rather than under someone else’s terms and conditions or default to statutory code.  Sales contracts can allow for volume discounts and define the parties’ relationship while working together, and they can also help a business plan for the future by helping maintain mutually beneficial business connections. At Larsen Law™, I have more than 30 years of contract experience and have been a licensed attorney in Colorado since 2002. You can rely on my skills to properly draft, negotiate and review any sales contract you may need.

Helping Manufacturers, Resellers and Wholesalers With Their Sales Agreements

Frequently, a manufacturer, reseller, or wholesaler will enter into a sales agreement granting the other party a volume discount, or an alternate incentive, if particular sales levels are met. A sales contract documents this relationship, enabling both sides of the transaction to properly track their duties, obligations, and benefits therefrom.

The sales contract can also provide remedies should either side not abide by the agreement and it will allow for future legal recourse in the event of a breach. Often times, while a “breach” may be technically the correct term to be used, in on-going business relationships, the sales contract can also provide mutually beneficial work-arounds, small concessions, or other arrangements that not only document each party’s rights and missteps, but allow the parties to continue working together.  Signed sales agreements are also useful to companies in projecting future sales and revenues and in some circumstances, may be used as security.

Do You Have Questions Regarding Your Sales Contracts?

If you have any questions surrounding your sales contracts, feel free to contact a knowledgeable and dedicated contract attorney at my law firm, Larsen Law™, 303.520.6030. Your questions will be answered and your contract needs will be served to the best of my abilities.