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Releases and Waivers

Larsen Law Offices, LLC assists both companies and individuals in reaching their business goals. Whether your concern is a one-time occurrence, or an on-going matter, an experienced attorney from Larsen Law can assist you with your legal needs.

Denver Releases and Waivers Attorney

Having a release or waiver of liability can be critically important. A skilled Colorado lawyer can explain how you may be able to benefit from these documents and answer any questions you may have.

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Discussing Your Waiver and Release Options in Colorado

Releases and waivers may be drafted to express an intention to discharge another party or parties from a duty, obligation, debt, claim, privilege, restraint, demand, deed, or a host of other items. Releases and waivers may include such items as participant releases, waivers of lien, or the extinguishment of a legal right.

Depending on the type of release or waiver you need, specific provisions must be included and tailored to reach the desired outcome of protection. That is why is it so critical to consult with an experienced Colorado release and waiver attorney to discuss all of your legal options.

The Importance of Releases and Waivers for Ski Resorts and Other Recreational Businesses

Having a release of liability on a ski pass, lift ticket, participation form or other document can be extremely important in protecting your business from future legal consequences. This is true for baseball leagues, ski resorts, basketball camps and all recreational endeavors. Larsen Law™, I can help you determine the best course of action for protecting your company from liability in case individuals are injured or other accidents occur.

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