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Nondisclosure Agreements

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Nondisclosure Agreements

Colorado Business Lawyer Susan J. Larsen

discussing nondisclosure agreementsTo assist you in protecting your information, you may need a Nondisclosure Agreement, which are written, signed agreements under which two or more parties agree not to disclose specific information learned or acquired during the relationship between the parties, for a stated length of time. Nondisclosure Agreements are used to protect valuable company assets, development, marketing, products, and processes, among a host of other considerations. Nondisclosure Agreements can be mutual, in which neither party may disclose, or they can be drafted to only restrict the actions of one of the parties.

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There are important distinctions to be made when considering the restriction of information.  Nondisclosure Agreements are not the same thing as Non-Compete Agreements or other Service Agreements.  An experienced attorney can assist you with determining exactly what information you need restricted and for how long you need it restricted.  Nondisclosure Agreements may be used to cover protected information over a period of months or years.  They may cover information that will be disclosed over the relationship or during a single meeting, such as when two companies are investigating a potential business relationship.

The State of Colorado has very specific restrictions as to when a Non-Compete Agreement may be used, and upheld.  There are also specific compliance issues that must be adhered to when protecting your trade secrets.  Properly drafted Employee Agreements may allow employers coverage in some areas, but not others.  And, business transactions must be supported by consideration to be enforceable later.  Whatever your current needs may be, a licensed attorney from Larsen Law will be able to assist you in determining the correct form of documentation.  Your company may need Service Agreements drafted which can cover both the services to be rendered to your company and also the protection of your company’s information.

Nondisclosure Agreements typically cover the definition of what is considered confidential, circumstances under which the information may be used, the disclosure period, the non-disclosure period, exclusions to the information covered, circumstances for injunctive relief, obligations of the recipient, and proper jurisdiction.  Please contact Larsen Law Offices, LLC today to see how an experienced attorney may assist you with your Nondisclosure Agreement needs.

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