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Leasing Contract

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Leasing Contract

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Many businesses will elect to lease something, rather than buy it outright, for a variety of reasons. They may want to use the item to evaluate the item for possible future purchase, they may only need the item for a limited time period, or it might be because the item is cost-prohibitive to the organization at the current time. Examples of leases that allow companies to grow and expand may include equipment, land, or office or factory space. Many businesses can benefit from a lease-to-own arrangement, where they can get the equipment they need now and then acquire the ownership to that equipment over the course of the Leasing Contract.  To find out how an experienced Transaction Attorney from Larsen Law Offices, LLC can assist with your leasing contract, please contact us at (303) 520-6030 for a consultation.

Within a Leasing Contract, items such as delineation of the rights, responsibilities, duties and obligations of both parties, the payment of the negotiated amount, time period covered, whether or not the property may be sublet, which party is responsible for which maintenance items, financial disclosures that must be met periodically, conditions for renewal or non-renewal, whether or not the lease may be assigned, and how and when the lease may be terminated are examples of items that should be addressed before finalizing any Leasing Contract.

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Under a Leasing Contract, both parties have duties and obligations, such as who is responsible for the insurance coverage, costs associated with normal wear or maintenance, and the responsibilities surrounding any destruction or failure of the property.  A Leasing Contract for machinery, such as a copier or printer, may be accompanied by a Services Agreement from the lessor or manufacturer, and may be either voluntary or mandatory.  Conditions regarding the surrender of the asset at the end of the contract period should be carefully documented, in advance.   An experienced Transactional Attorney from Larsen Law Offices, LLC can assist you with the careful review, and draft the modifications necessary to your Leasing Contract.