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How to Draft Physician Employment Agreements to Prevent Later Disputes Apr 15, 2019             No one wants to find themselves in the midst of a lawsuit, least of all hospitals or their physicians. This week on the blog, we want … Continued

How to Draft Physician Employment Agreements to Prevent Later Disputes

            No one wants to find themselves in the midst of a lawsuit, least of all hospitals or their physicians. This week on the blog, we want to provide you – whether you are a healthcare employer or employee – … Continued
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Copyright Registration: What Prudent Licensors Ought to Know

Computer software was recognized as eligible for protection under the U.S. Copyright Act as early as 1983. Apple Computer, Inc. v. Franklin Computer Corp., 714 F.2d 1240 (3d Cir. 1983). Since then, software has become increasingly more sophisticated and the … Continued
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Understanding Cash Flow Before Buying or Selling a Business

Cash flow can be a confusing concept within a business, particularly with respect to the way it differs from profitability. However, when buying or selling, it is an important aspect of a business to understand. Cash Flow Cash flow is … Continued
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Business Negotiation

Six Business Negotiation Strategies

Negotiation is often viewed as an art form, but every business owner can learn effective ways to approach the process. Below are six tips that will help you engage in better business negotiations. Be Prepared. You always want to show … Continued
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Licensing Agreement

Hiring the Right Licensing Agreement Attorney

Licensing agreements are extremely important business tools, which means they need to be drafted carefully and with the oversight of a professional. When you have decided to enter into a licensing arrangement, a qualified attorney can benefit the transaction in … Continued
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Basics of SaaS (Software as a Service) Agreements

The abbreviation “SaaS” refers to ‘software as a service’. Agreements for software as a service are also commonly referred to as software subscriptions or software-on-demand agreements. All of these agreements involve contracts for software use via the internet. Read on … Continued
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Do You Really Need a Lawyer to Sell a Business?

When a business owner has made the decision to sell, he might be tempted to try to complete the deal without a lawyer. Especially if the owner has a particular viable buyer in mind, he might believe the process can … Continued
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Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreements in a Changing Software World

Perpetual licensing agreements have long been favored in the software world, but in an ever-changing environment, more companies are moving to subscription-based licensing or term licensing. What do these different agreements mean, and which type of agreement is right for … Continued
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Understanding Value-Added Reseller Agreements in Colorado

With advancing technology, value-added reseller agreements have become prevalent methods for increasing software companies’ sales opportunities and providing more diverse products for end users. If you are looking to expanding your product reach, a value-added reseller agreement might be the … Continued
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An agreement being made by contracts lawyers in Denver, CO

Asset Purchase Agreements Vs. Stock Purchase Agreements

Before a business changes hands, one of the first things the buyer and seller have to decide is whether the sale will be an asset purchase or a stock purchase. The type of agreement they choose will set the sale … Continued
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Before Contract Negotiations Break Down

At some point during business contract negotiations, the parties might perceive that they are approaching an impasse. Pushing too hard at this juncture can result in a lost transaction or damaged business relationship. Below are some strategies for keeping negotiations … Continued
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Business Attorney and Client

Important Considerations When Buying a Business

Many buyers like the idea of buying existing businesses, rather than starting their own, in part because the process of buying an existing business might seem less daunting. Even when buying a well-established business, there are numerous aspects of the … Continued
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Avoiding Obsoletism in Perpetual Software Licensing

The software industry is fast-paced and constantly progressing. Updates, upgrades, and bug fixes are turning out faster than ever, and users don’t want to be left behind. In this age of rapid advancement, software users might be wondering whether perpetual … Continued
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Misuse of Software License: Understanding Your Cause of Action

In the event of a breach of your software licensing agreement, you want to understand all of your options for legal recourse as a licensor. Before you can start to determine your possible remedies, however, you’ll need to pin down … Continued
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Do Your Contracts Need Updating?

During the usual course of business, your company probably sends out and signs numerous contracts, relying on standard versions of contracts that the company has used for years. While your contracts might seem to be working well for your business, … Continued
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Licensing Agreements

Exclusive Versus Non-Exclusive Licensing

When you begin the process of licensing your property or amending an existing licensing structure, you will inevitably reach a point when you must decide whether your licensing will be exclusive or non-exclusive. Before you can determine which option is … Continued
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Contract negotiation

Can You Terminate a Perpetual Licensing Agreement?

A perpetual licensing agreement, as the name implies, runs for an indefinite period of time. The agreement allows a licensee rights of access and use in perpetuity, usually for a one-time fee paid to the licensor. But do these agreements … Continued
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