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Technology, Contracts, Software Licensing, and Healthcare Law

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Susan Larsen Education

  • University of Denver, College of Law, J.D., law
  • University of Denver, M.A.S., Technology management
  • University of Denver, M.P.S., Applied Communication
  • University of Denver, B.S., Accounting

Larsen Law Offices, LLC

Larsen Law Offices, LLC


Technology, Contracts, Software Licensing

At Larsen Law, the focus is total business wellness. Susan Larsen has earned advanced degrees in every major business discipline: accounting, technology, communication, and law. Susan also has over 30 years of contract law experience and works with companies across the country on legal issues concerning technology, contracts, software licensing, and healthcare. This combination of experience and formal education in each of the primary business disciplines brings a more robust, total business wellness perspective into every discussion. To learn more about Susan, visit Attorney Profile and Past Experience.

As a comprehensive attorney, Susan Larsen can assist business owners in making sound, pragmatic, decisions in a cost effective and prompt manner, helping businesses get back to business. Susan’s experience affords many alternate options or solutions available that have proven to be successful for others or have resulted in fewer future legal needs over time.

For timely legal assistance with your transaction, developer contracts, end user, licensing, or other legalities involved in protecting your business, or help with your business growth plans, enlist the aid of an experienced attorney versed in a wide array of potential solutions, options, and alternatives for you to choose from.
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Larsen Law Offices, LLC Every business can benefit by having a business attorney who is familiar with your company standing by to assist as matters arise. Contact Susan’s law office to schedule an initial consultation.

With a vast array of experience, Susan offers legal services nationwide for technology, contracts, software licensing, GDPR, enterprise agreements, standardized agreements, and more. She will work in tandem with your other business professionals, such as accountants, web designers, and litigators, to provide you with smooth transitions for all your business activities.