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For over 30 years, Susan Larsen has helped businesses with their software licensing, system agreement, and contract needs.

Many businesses seek legal assistance from an attorney only once a specific problem has arisen, believing that this approach will reduce overall legal costs. In many instances, the reverse is true: a proactive approach, addressing potential problems before they arise, or escalate further, can be the most cost-effective, long-term solution. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Susan Larsen is an experienced attorney offering the assistance you need to avoid unnecessary costs by identifying these areas and by providing alternative resolutions before the issue escalates or reaches a critical stage. Susan specializes in technology contracts, including software licensing, healthcare technology, SaaS agreements, and others.

Denver Business Attorney Susan Larsen

Planning Business Goals

At Larsen Law Offices, LLC, you have an experienced attorney working in tandem with your business to discuss and prioritize goals and future plans to prevent problems before they arise. Developing a joint plan that will accommodate those objectives, meeting projected timelines, and distributing the associated costs are all crucial steps of this process. Viewing the business as a whole, focusing with a practiced eye on containing foreseeable problems, as well as plan and effectively allocate the use of resources typically frees business to get back to their core competencies. For a variety of contracts including software and product licensing agreements, SaaS, service agreements, and more – the quick turn-around time provided by Larsen Law is unmatched.

Types of Larsen Law Assistance

Legal services provided by Larsen Law’s Susan Larsen can also include such items as contract review, negotiation, drafting, and finalization of transactions, drafting standardized agreements, and contract modifications, adjustments, or termination of the agreement. Many businesses benefit from standardization of contracts, which helps avoid vendor and customer conflicts, before they arise.

Keeping contracts and transaction documentation to current legal standards, including accurate indemnification and insurance clauses, is an excellent way to protect your business. Careful delineation of each party’s, and their respective vendor’s, responsibilities can help prevent problems, particularly in the area of Data Privacy. Hacking a business’s vendors has become more problematic than ever before. Specificity helps ensure that the transaction goes exactly the way it was originally bargained for. Issues that arise at a later time tend to be accompanied by loss of executive time and increased costs.

New Legal Standards

Businesses should have their existing documents updated regularly to help ensure that their documentation reflects new legal standards, new laws, and current legislation. A Privacy Policy that is over one year old is, by today’s standards, far too old and may leave your company exposed. With the current proliferation of state, federal, and global Data Privacy laws, with literally hundreds more being drafted, all businesses need to conform to the laws applicable to them to survive. 

Alterations or Addendums to existing contracts can be negotiated to reset inventory reorder points, sales items, or additional work force. Legal services provided may also include Susan Larsen has experience assisting US companies with ensuring they are in compliance with current  Data Privacy requirements.

Why Choose Larsen Law?

Susan Larsen of Larsen Law Offices, LLC has distinguished herself from other business attorneys by obtaining a suite of degrees, tailored to the needs of businesses. Far too often, attorneys fail to take the health of the business, as a whole, into account. Susan has earned degrees and advanced degrees in each of the primary areas businesses face today: a BS in Accounting, a JD in Law, a Masters in Technology, and a Masters in Communications. Because Data Privacy is so vital to businesses, Susan has also received all formal education available in this business area, too.

As an experienced business attorneySusan Larsen is highly capable and skilled in a vast array of business concerns and can assist you with on-going business activities and management of your company. Susan has been the lawyer of choice for many businesses and provides assistance nationwide for companies both large and small.